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The Water Store at the Plaza has moved!

New Store Almost Complete

Our new location is 19007 Park Avenue Plaza, Meadville Pa, 16335. We are located on the extreme right hand corner of the main part of the plaza around the corner from the Pet shop and Pro Nails. Our new hours are from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. No Saturday hours.

The reason we decided to move was for the convenience of our customers. We needed ample parking and more room. We have also added an additional Ionizer with one of them being self serve. This will allow us to better serve the needs of our community.

The Water Store makes no medical claims. We give people water free for two weeks so you can see for yourself what this water is all about. After that you can join the water club and continue to get free water. Try it for thirty days and see what Kangen Water can do for you.

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Who are the “WE”? In www.WeDrinkPurpleWater.com

I would like to introduce you to my wife Rhonda and I, Fred and Rhonda Steinman of Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. We are the “We” in www.WeDrinkPurpleWater.com and have been drinking Kangen Water® for the past three years and it has radically changed our lives! Rhonda was able to get off of eight different prescription medications that she took on a regular basis after drinking Kangen Water® in just two months. A couple times, in the two years before Kangen Water®, she almost died. One weekend her kidneys shut down. Another time she was so lethargic that she couldn’t lift her head off of the pillow for two weeks. We were desperate!!!! We will tell her story later on, on this page. Purple Water has changed our lives!!!!

We want to share this water with each and every person who, like us, has longed for good health and vitality again! For years both of our health had deteriorated to the point that we wondered “if this is what the early fifties feels like, what are we going to feel like when we hit sixty five or seventy.” When we hit forty, we felt like we were starting to go down hill. Then when we hit fifty, we felt like we had fallen off of a cliff. We prayed for three years for answers to our health problems and after God gave us Kangen Water® we could not hide it under a bushel, we had to share it with everyone that we came into contact with that had health problems like we did. That included everyone our age. 

We were depressed and really felt like the days of feeling good were over. I worked construction and my wife was a hair dresser. Like most self employed people we would cram two days of effort into one. We had to in order to make it. We really felt it by the end of the day. When young people see elderly people all stooped over and hobbling across the street and say “isn’t that cute” it wasn’t cute to us anymore. We realized that the reason they couldn’t stand up straight and were hobbling was because they were stiff and in pain!!! We want to tell you, today, we feel better than we did in our thirties!!! We can not make any medical claims but we want to ask you to try Kangen Water® for yourselves and see what “Purple Water” can do for you. We live in the Guys Mills, Pennsylvania area. If you don’t live in our area, we have a way for you to try this amazing, alkaline, mineral charged, micro-clustered and full of antioxidants WATER too.

We are so excited after seeing what this water has done for us and literally hundreds of people in our area that Rhonda and I both have left our full time jobs, me in construction and she as a hairdresser, and all we do now is share Kangen Water®. For more information on Kangen Water® click on this link to go to our website.

We have our health back again!!!!!!


Fred and Rhonda Steinman


Introduction to Purple Water!!!

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”

Thomas Jefferson

Before we start talking about what Purple Water, 9.5 pH alkaline water or kangen Water® is all about let me make one NOTE: I am so glad that Purple Water or 9.5 pH alkaline water is made from a machine that is classified as a medical device in Japan! They have a different mindset in Japan. They are all about prevention instead of just treating a degenerative disease with either prescription medication or surgery!!!! If you feel that Thomas Jefferson was right then purple water or 9.5 alkaline water may be for you!


What can Purple Water do for you?

We offer everyone free water for the first visit to our store and then you can join the water club. We encourage you to take the 30 day water challenge! You are not obligated to purchase a machine. This offer is for your independent study to see how the water affects your body and health. In other words, “Seeing is Believing”. If you would like to take us up on this offer please click on Purple Water and send us your contact information with a comment or call us at 814-795-1014. We get just as excited to see what this amazing, life changing water, does for someone else as we do for ourselves. We are located at 19007 Park Avenue Plaza, Meadville, PA and within a thirty mile radius of Franklin, Titusville and Edinboro, all in Pennsylvania. Let’s see what Purple Water, alkaline water, can do for you!

If you are outside of our area and can not come and pick up water, call us, we have other options. Our phone number is 814-795-1014. We have been able to work with several people out of state and they have been able to take the 30 day water challenge as well!!!


What is Purple Water?


Purple Water is pH 9.5  Kangen Water® and has three properties that you can see in this short demo. Just click on Kangen Water® Demo and see for yourself! This water is made by a Kangen Water® machine that is classified as a certified medical device in Japan and is the only water ionizer that has this certification in Japan and is allowed to be used in their hospitals and clinics. They have been used in Japan’s hospitals and clinics now for almost forty years.

First of all, the water is full of antioxidants, about thirty times that of the famous green tea. Since you normally drink about ten times more water a day than you would drink of green tea you are getting three hundred times the antioxidants as you would from drinking just green tea alone. This, to us, is the most important property of Purple Water because antioxidants are anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. To see how Kangen Water® is full of antioxidants please click on Purple Water and go to the “Oxidant or Anti-Oxidant” video.

Secondly, the Kangen Water® that you drink is high in pH with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5. I am sure you have heard of getting you body’s pH back into balance or homeostasis and out of an acid state. If you would like to see a short video on the pH of different drinks you may be drinking just click on Purple Water and go to “Common Drinks and their pH Levels”.

Third, the water is micro-clustered and is super hydrating to the body. I have been told by many people that it seemed to increase their thirst! They could drink more of it because they did not get that bloated feeling. See this property of the water demonstrated by clinking on Purple Water and going to “Micro-clustered Water”.

Note: Again, seeing is believing!!!! We don’t want you to go by what this water has done for us but try it for yourself with no obligation to buy until you see for yourself what Purple Water can do for you!!!

We will, now, tell you our story about what this amazing “Purple Water” has done for us! 

Rhonda’s Story:

Rhonda had major back surgery back in 1987. That was her seventh surgery in our first seven years of marriage. She was young and energetic but one day when she was laughing she blew a disc in her back, L4-L5 . They did several tests in the hospital and told us that she had a severely fragmented herniated disk and would need emergency surgery. After her disk blew she had lost all use of her right leg and it just drug. She had to use crunches to get around until the surgery with excruciating pain. The doctors, at the time, told us that they could not tell us if she would ever be able to walk again because the sciatic nerve was damaged by the pressure of the blown disk.

After the doctor, that did the back surgery, came in to talk to us, he told us when he took the chunk of disc out of her spin the sciatic nerve pinked up immediately! That was good news, but we would not know until two months later how much of the use of her right leg she would get back. She was very fortunate to be able to walk again and all she was left with was drop foot on her right side.

She was told back in 1987, at the time of her back surgery that she had a deteriorating spine and would end up in a wheel chair by age forty. She had test taken at that time and was told that her body was void of calcium and could not assimilate calcium.

Well, with needing pain medicine, muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory, and after having a hysterectomy ten years ago, Rhonda ended up on several different prescription medications along the way. After she was on several different pills she developed side effects and couldn’t sleep. That led to another medication. After that new medication, along with all of the others, she ended up with an esophageal spasm that made us think she was having a heart attack. We took her to the emergency room at our local hospital and found out it was acid reflux and a hiatal hernia.

They scoped her in the hospital and told us she would have to take one more prescription medication. That was the eighth one and that one alone cost $350.00 a month. It was new and insurance did not pay anything  with our co-pay. After being on this new prescription for a couple weeks Rhonda got so lethargic that she could not even lift her head off of the pillow. She had to have help to get to the bathroom. It was all she could do just to breathe! We thought she was dying. After talking to our family doctor and pharmacist we found out that it was a rare side effect, very rare, so rare that the pharmacist had never heard of it before.

Well! The doctor changed her medication and said she was super sensitive to medications and easily developed side effects. He had to put her on four different antacids in order to find one that she cold tolerate but it would still put her in bed.

That is where Rhonda was at when she heard about Kangen Water®. We thought her life was over!!!! After starting on Kangen Water® she noticed something major was going on in just three days. Her chronic constipation that she had since she was a little girl was gone! Completely gone!!! She started getting energy like she hadn’t had in over ten years. She was cleaning the house like she hadn’t been able to clean the house in many years. It was like she was when she was a teenager. She would work for an hour or so, sit down for a few minutes, and get up and go all over again. THAT WAS AMAZING!

She started sleeping better. After a while she was able to get into a deep sleep without taking Ambient. She stopped taking naps in the day time. Before Kangen Water® she would take one to two long naps a day. After being on the water for a short time she didn’t even think about a nap, but then she would sleep all night where before the water she was awake half the night. She doesn’t need naps any more!!!

After two months on Kangen Water® she got off of all eight different prescription medications. What a miracle!!! There were times in the last two and a half years that she took an occasional pain pill with a weather change but for the last ten months she has not taken any prescription medications at all!!! What a blessing.

Needless to say our lives changed drastically from the third day on Kangen Water®!!! After one year on the water a specialist in Pittsburgh checked Rhonda’s MRI of her back and told her that her back was growing bone for the first time since her back surgery. The doctor told us that it was the back’s way of stabilizing itself. Another doctor told us that once that process was complete she may be able to play tennis again. When the surgeon in Pittsburgh examined Rhonda and told us that her back was growing bone he also checked her drop foot on her right side. She still had drop foot and that was one year after starting to drinking Kangen Water®.

Two years after starting to drink Kangen Water® Rhonda and I were walking on our dirt road by our house and we noticed she was lifting her right foot for the first time in over twenty five years since her back surgery!!! The next day we thought to have her try to stand on her heels and lift both feet. WHAT A MIRACLE!!!!  She could stand on her heels and lift her right foot for the very first time in over twenty five years!!! We never thought that would ever be possible again!!! Our family doctor said that it was absolutely a miracle for her to regain that after twenty five years of what they said was permanent sciatic nerve damage. This is why people that drink Kangen Water® call it Miracle Water!!!